Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Waffle vs Ryvita

The most exciting piece of news, which I forgot to mention in the first posting is that after three years of coming and having to sleep on a twice baked ryvita mattress (the dimply side) I have been awarded the honour of being given a proper, no coir, foamy, spongy, bouncy, thick, cosy, deep, enveloping, DELICIOUS new mattress. It is impossible to describe the joy I felt when I sat down on the bed, expecting to go "crunch" and instead going "squish". My brain could barely compute the significance of the signals coming from my bum. No longer do I have to put the two mattresses together to give a semblance of substance beyond tungsten carbide to my sleep. Despite the addition of a slightly thicker coir mattress last time - which sandwiched between the other two wafers, created a marginally less horrific night's sleep, I still developed pressure sores albeit to a lesser depth than without the coir mattress, but now! NOW! Now, I sink into blissful slumber as soon as my head hits the brick. (A comfy pillow is a step too far). Anyway, thank you to the Gods of Nighttime Torture, that they have taken pity on me and facilitated this new look RUHSA room.

As if a new mattress were not enough, however, when I walked into the bathroom, I saw to my absolute delight a newly fitted electric hot water cylinder. Oh. My. GOD! I am going to be able to have an appropriately temperature-regulated shower. No more freezing ones in the morning (when it's cold) or tepid ones in the afternoon (when it's boiling). With shining eyes and clapping hands I turned excitedly towards one of the Henchmen. My smile dropped. An imperceptible head wobble did not bode well. Wafting his hand towards the gleaming new apparatus I heard the devastating words, "not working", crushing my new found hope. It's true, not only is it not plugged in (and the socket too far from the cylinder) but it is not attached to a water source. As such it is merely decorative and very beautiful it looks too. Still, one step at a time. How things have changed even since I first came here three years ago. I have high hopes that next visit I will have a sit-down loo, a comfy mattress AND hot water. Woohoo.

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