Thursday, July 01, 2010

On my way out

In case you are thinking this post title suggests that I am feeling peaky, nothing could be further from the truth. Although it took me a little longer than 2 months, I am, once again, sitting excitedly on the train to Manchester Airport on my way out to India. Although this time will be a little different for reasons I shall not be going into (send an sae for further information as required) in essence I am very much looking forward to seeing what has been going on down at good ol' RUHSA in the 6m since I last visited and I will be trying to bloody well get the website for Celine finished. The latter job is proving extremely tricky owing to the fact that it is turning out to be as arduous a conversion to electronic infonology as it would be if someone had tried to get Winston Churchill to tweet the content of his speeches to the troops instead of orating them. If it does not work this time, then I will threaten her with retirement.

This trip, I have to confess, I surpassed even my previous PB for disorganisation. I bought my ticket on tuesday and started packing thursday morning at 6.30, ready to leave on an 8.10 train. I feel I pack rather like you might expect a Border Collie would, were they to go on holiday with accessories. I sort of round up my belongings into an ever decreasing area until I have a wobbly pile, then I pop everything in the suitcase. Usually this rounding up process starts several days, even weeks, before I am due to go asI come upon things I might want to have out with me. They then swirl around my house as they get nearer to, but not actually into, the final receptacle. In between these Herding Manoeuvres occur Random Thoughts, which need to be written down immediately or they are lost forever, referring to things I've remembered I would like to do or take, but have not yet come across. These RTs are written on equally random bits of paper which join the moving flock of debris circling the suitcase. This time however, I outdid myself. The herding process itself only actually started on Thursday morning, I have no idea what was going on except perhaps there was something at a subconscious level ...... As a result, I have plenty of knitting and underwear, but no actual clothes. I hope to God I remembered correctly and I did in fact leave a suitcase full of salwars with Dr Rita, otherwise I am going to have to knit an outfit pretty quickly and that's not a good look in 35 degrees heat and 150% humidity.

Anyway, I'm on my way and I'll keep you posted

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Sally Whittingham said...

I laughed and laughed at your description of the Border collie packing. Hope you manage with your unsuitable clothing in that dreadful humidity.