Friday, August 05, 2011

Final Wedding Photos

After the main ceremony, Victoria's friends and family had a lovely few hours to lounge by the pool and cloud-bathe whilst waiting for the evening do. Victoria's family are lovely. Her mum & Dad came, whom I had met in Jaipur all those years ago, but also her sister about whom I had heard a lot and who was as lovely as expected, her partner, Brian and her foster daughter, Ebony (of henna fame), as well as her fun cousin Caroline and Caroline's extremely popular nephew, Charlie, whom everyone adored, especially the young children, mainly because he horseplayed around with them endlessly, swinging them above his head, carrying them on piggy back and generally mucking about. I spent a wonderful afternoon chatting to them all, making new connections and I hope to be able to see them again at Victoria's English wedding when I return. Meantime, here are the last of the photos.

Victoria & her sister by the pool

Victoria & me by the pool (still no blooming tan)

Sorry about the blurriness, but I wanted to show the whole & final outfit. This is Emma, Ebony & Caroline

Charlie mucking about with the kids (and a not-so-kid)

Victoria's family (minus Brian)

A lovely one of me with the bride & her new husband....

...until I revealed that he (inadvertently, apparently) had his hand on my arse.