Tuesday, August 08, 2006

The Countdown Conundrum

Now we are in August the final Countdown has started and the conundrum is - how ready am I? Well, I have my ticket. I think that's quite an achievement - I will be departing for India on the 27th August. However I am trying to squeeze in a friends wedding in Ireland on the 26th so I will be leaving the country a few days before that.

I am also now the proud ower of travel insurance, surprisingly hard to get if you are doing a trip longer than most working peoples holidays and are over the age of 35. Obviously, either the insurance company feels you are likely to drop dead by lifting a heavy rucksack or they are trying to convey a moral message regarding overlong holidays. Either way I ignored them.

The next exciting phase is to be stabbed several times over and given noxious substances to take on a regular basis in order to ward off all the nasty lurgy I might catch out there. Sometimes you just wonder what the worse option might be.....

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