Tuesday, August 22, 2006

Nearly off

Having said goodbye to everyone at least 15 times over the last two months since my first leaving party, I am at last nearly leaving. I have 48hours before I start my trip by driving down south to my parents where my poor mother will have the unlikely privilege of looking after my dog, who, when he stays with his grandmother, has a nasty habit of cruising the local restaurants terrorising the chefs. He also teaches my parents' dogs to do the same. I expect my mum will have a lovely spotted handbag when I get back after 6m.

As far as my trip is concerned it's come together very well and I am very excited. I will be spending the whole 6m in Vellore, which is about 130km due west of Madras, working with a rural healthcare team to establish local healthcare needs and set up new projects to improve them. It is really an extremely exciting opportunity and I will be able to learn loads whilst out there. How my experiences of Dalton & Kirkby folk will help me when faced with tiger bites and leishmaniasis and how I will then integrate my learning back to Cumbrian health requirements will remain to be seen! No doubt I shall bring back some dire diseases I can diagnose on myself.

I am no longer going to Ireland due to the airport shennanigans as I don't want to risk missing my flight to India, so I will go to the airport on Sunday and, with a little bit of luck, I might get to leave the country by Tuesday. It s a 17hr flight via Dubai. Mmm, may need some flight socks for that. My luggage contains mostly books and leastly pants. I reckon pants will be easier to get out there than all the unread books I have accumulated over the last 36 years. Also, what is v exciting news is that a friend of mine is going to house sit for me which means that the damp patch will no longer be growing unnoticed. He may be joined by his sister as well which is great. Typical, a young handsome man enters my house as I leave.....

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