Thursday, September 07, 2006

Moving on to Trains

It is lovely at RUHSA campus where I am staying, it is in the middle fo the countryside with a railway track running along side- it's almost like being at home. Certainly the quality of the road to my accommodation is familiar.

Unfortunately, the train track is actually a little closer than at home - ie about 50y behind my bedroom window and obviously they go all day and all night. Their philospohy of driving is pretty much in tune with the bus drivers as their main method seems to be to drive with one hand on the horn. Now unlike autorickshaws, which sound like Elmer Fudd going duck-hunting, (apart from one extremely pleased rickshaw driver who had managed to affix what sounded like a foghorn to his diminitive vehicle), trains have sirens which sound like concorde breaking the sound barrier. I can feel the vibrations in my nostril hairs. Trains also, rather amazingly, have about 40 carriages and so the noise goes on for vast lengths of time. Luckily for me I sleep very deeply, but I have been having peculiar dreams where I am persistently being put inside a tumble drier with some concrete blocks, while a football crowd is in full voice outside.

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